Rocco is a different dog! Fully obedient but just as affectionate and soppy as before. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rob Dye and Kyle who are really are without doubt the best I have come across. Rob and Kyle spent time with me showing me the ropes and how to control Rocco and how to work with him going forward. There is no doubt that Protection Dogs UK are truly professional in their training and approach. Many Thanks for your efforts.


Rob & Kyle are really nice guys who can’t do enough for you.They are always on the phone to help you. Cirus came back a different dog. I’m certainly bringing him back for protection training.


We are so pleased that we sent Rocky to the Boot Camp at Protection Dogs UK. His obedience is now absolutely perfect and Rob and Kyle could not have done a better job. We intend to keep up our new relationship with them and we cannot speak highly enough about their training.


We searched the web for trainers who specialised in training Dobermans and spoke to quite a few. It was clear, however, that unlike many others, Rob knew what he was talking about. We travelled up from London and we were just as impressed when we arrived. We are absolutely delighted with Diesel’s training.


I sent my 10 month old puppy Neville to Protection Dogs UK as he was very stubborn and even after puppy training I couldn’t get him under control. As soon as we arrived Rob was enthusiastically working Neville within seconds. Since having Neville back he is happy and balanced, no longer tears around the house with our shoes, or nips at our sleeves. His recall is putting most other dogs to shame and he knows I’m the boss.


When we bought our Presa Canario Simba, we had no idea what a hand-full he be. He was disobedient and it was a nightmare to take him for a walk. We searched on line for a company that could help and found Protection Dogs UK. Rob had experience with this breed and showed us how to handle Simba and now we have an obedient dog.


As captain of the Dubai Polo Team, I have had a long involvement with horses and dogs. ‘Zatara’ my new Presa Canario imported from the Canary Islands is a superb dog. He was specially selected for me by Protection Dogs UK. The training he has received is second to none and I recommend them to anyone thinking about buying a protection dog.


I have spent a large part of my life training and working with horses and I see in Rob that rare natural skill that all who work with animals seek to possess but that few ever come close to reaching. He transformed a potential ‘problem child’ into ‘wonderdog’ within a matter of hours.”


I could not have wished for a better dog than Izum. He is loyal, affectionate, and highly protective of me. I feel safe when he’s around and he is excellent with my horses. His training is first class but he is still a family pet and wherever I go, Izum is with me. I can only praise Rob for the effort that he has put into training such a magnificent dog.


I thought let you know just how well Argi is settling. He’s proved his worth at work on a number of occasions, which we never doubted.Our biggest concern was him having to adjust to life at home with young children and two other dogs. Your advice and guidance in selecting Argi was invaluable. Any concerns were diminished after finding him playing quite happily with seven nine year olds at a football party, and later acting as step to a one year old wanting to climb onto a windowsill.


I was looking a highly protective but family friendly protection dog.As I have a young baby it was vital that Kimbo was excellent with the baby. Kimbo fits the bill. He is highly protective but loving and affectionate and great with the baby. Protection Dogs UK have been completely understanding of my needs and could not do enough for me. They travelled to my home in Glasgow and made sure I was completely happy with Kimbo.


When Dexter joined our family he bonded immediately with our children and my wife. He is highly obedient and the children love him and he returns their love. He loves to play with the children and they love having him around. It’s so reassuring to know that with one word of command he turns from an obedient pet to a highly trained protection dog. He is a typical athletic Dobermann with an imposing profile and we couldn’t be happier and feel more safe with him around.

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We're happy to give you any information or answer any questions you may have

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