As well as supplying fully trained protection dogs, we also offer courses on protection dog training for your own dog. Prior to training, however, it is important that your dog is carefully assessed for temperament and drive to determine if it has the attributes to become a trained personal protection dog.

Not every dog is capable of becoming a protection dog and it would not, therefore, be appropriate to attempt to train it to this level. A careful and considered assessment, therefore, is vital as it can be harmful to put a dog through an unsuitable training course.

In addition, protection training can only be undertaken when the dog is sufficiently mature at about 14 months. In the case of puppies and very young dogs full protection training can actually be harmful.

Following this full assessment, if your dog is capable of becoming a fully trained protection dog, we will provide you with an estimate of the time and cost involved. If the dog is not capable we will tell you as it is not in the interest of the dog and would be a total waste of money for the owner.

The first stage of the training is obedience which is essential before protection training. Clearly, your dog must be trained to a high level in obedience before being trained in protection.

Once your dog is trained, we work with the owner so that they are confident with the commands and the control of the dog. This is just as important as training the dog. The course is residential at our superb training facilities where your dog is well looked after by our well trained staff.

We offer two levels of training ESSENTIAL & PREMIUM as described below:-


  • BITE ON COMMAND-Your dog will be trained to bite on command. The dog will not discriminate and will bite the person instructed.
  • RELEASE ON COMMAND-Let go of the attacker on command, the dog does not let go until told to do so. The dog will then return to your side.
  • ON LEAD HEEL WORK-The dog will walk by your side on the lead lead without pulling and ignoring distractions.
  • SIT,DOWN & STAY-When you are walking, your dog will automatically sit at your side when you stop (you don't say a command for this) you use sit/down when you want them to stay in the position we don't use the stay command.
  • "SPEAK ON COMMAND-Your dog will bark when you say the command "speak" to warn.


  • HOLD & BARK-Your dog will hold someone at bay by sitting and barking at an attacker/intruder in your home, your dog will not bite the person unless they move.
  • "STOP HIM" COMMAND-You can send your dog at an attacker from a distance, you can also get your dog to release from a distance and return to handler.
  • OFF LEAD HEEL WORK-The dog will walk by your side  ignoring distractions.
  • "SEARCH" COMMAND-You can send you dog into your home/building to search for intruders, if your dog finds someone they will go into the hold and bark and hold them at bay until the handler gets there.
  • RECALL-Your dog will return to you when asked to do so even under distraction.



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